The Reasoning Behind This Blog

This is the heart of my communication, the part when a hidden camera follows me around a rural environment in Eastern Ontario, into rooms where you do but don’t confess, an environment where you might find your date suggesting you don’t eat out in the traditional sense of venturing into a romantic restaurant, instead, your date TELLS you if you want steak for dinner SHE will go out and kill it herself! Meat so fresh and chemically deprived, you could slap it down on the cutting block, as local butchers are fond of saying when throwing down their produce on a hard table before trimming it. This sometimes redneck belt (please sir, I mean no disrespect, I only meant it in the positive sense of the word), is the setting for a certain “city idiot” as the locals refer to some outsiders, coming face to face with values and practices that are, well, a far cry from urban living.

Make no mistake about it, this is the life journey of a certain person who is brave enough to delve into the underbelly of the original pre-settlement immigrant Canadian backyard, whose motto was and still is, “Work Hard. And be Nice.” (Or you might be getting your dentist to work overtime. Around here we don’t call 911 very often. This is the home of the “Bears” champion hockey players. You don’t go around here in Smith Falls as you might see in New York City for example, with an attitude of, “Hey Dude. If I want any shit out of you, I’ll beat it out of you myself.” No sir. Here, in Lanark county, this is known as being disrespectful and definitely not recommended, a bad, very bad thing).

This little rant of mine is a heads up for those of you city dwellers who saw my ad and wanted not only to jump in at the farm level, with the mayhem of the varied animal kingdom I have set up in the insane vein of Doctor Doolittle, but also navigate yourself amongst the locals. A gentle suggestion. If you are the tree hugging minority like me, an animal nut, like me, if you have the philosophy of “I hate people (not like me). I only love animals,” you might find yourself in a pickle up here. Me, on the other hand, I love creatures great and small. Even humans. Even though I live alone mine you. Imagine that. I believe we are all on a journey and some of us, well, look at this site, come across unusual travels. This sort of daily updated site will make that undoubtedly clear. So hold onto your paddle, balance yourself with a coffee or four, and let yourself purr because this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Starting tomorrow you will meet “Lucky Luciano,” my latest adopted cat who had a bad day when a nearby farmer shot him between the eyes. ” Enjoy the ride, we have only one pass through this world. May it be a fun and respectful one!