If you want to walk on sunshine you may decide to leave this one rather sad blog rant alone. You may decide to start at the very first blog first and read backwards to catch any threads.


I have not posted in a few days, with this viral attention and my increasingly impossible to sustain workload.


Then the bad news.


My local vet put it this way: “I’m afraid there is nothing I can do at this point.”


I try not to make a practice of crying but this morning, I couldn’t stop. For me, every creature here on Free Farm is a respected member of my inner circle. Every creature is a friend. Every living entity matters and that to me means I provide palliative care to the end, however much it may inconvenience my life. Even if I am supposed to blog, that takes second place.


His name is Wendy, yes, a girl’s name but this is how he came to me. I was living in the northern most island of Japan, Hokkaido, sipping green tea when I read a classified ad in the Japan Times English newspaper.

It was an ad I had viewed for several months in fact. I was told in no uncertain terms by the master of the house, my then wife, NOT to call the number. ONE  more cat and she was GONE.


How could I resist?


Wendy was available but only with Peter, his mate, the lady who ran the ad informed me. Well, my ex couldn’t say I added ONE  more cat now, could she?  The lady who took out the ad was on her way to relocating  to Mexico and had to find a home for her two cats. She had reposted this ad for over a year and three times she found a home and three times the cats were returned.


It gets more interesting. She was willing to pay for a $1,000 ticket to fly me to Tokyo to pick up her cats if I promised to provide a good home.


By now, you might predict what happened. It was not a long flight but the thought kept lingering in my mind as to why three families returned these cats.


I am not one to judge an animal by how beautiful or unruly it might be. To me, all creatures great and small, poorly behaved or wonderfully obedient, those who will love you to death or even those who won’t even acknowledge you exist, ALL of them are welcome in my inner circle.


It took me a half day or so to learn the little secret about these two cats, or at least about Wendy’s unusual behavior.


I have never met a cat that urinated on anything anytime anywhere as much as Wendy. And not your basic pee as you squat practice either. Wendy could urinate straight up, sideways, behind the back in front. You name it he could spray it.


That was the drawback for many. As you know from this website, I am looking for forever homes for quiet a few of my friends. But if you are the sort of person who is concerned about “the look” of an animal, or the nuisance factor of a particular creature, the age or any such criteria I definitely don’t want to hear from you.


Wendy has been part of me, from my crumbling marriage days to my viral kajiji ad era. He has been here through thick and thin meowing with his powerful high pitched greeting every time I enter his room. And now, that lump under his chin which I had been told a decade ago was no big deal, has suddenly grown so swiftly and is now enclosing his throat. I am at a loss for conveying the emotional trauma this is causing me.


And my feeling of powerlessness.


You see, if you dare to rise to the challenge of caring for animals, and you truly see them through good times and bad, the same fate that awaits us is the same guarantee they have in life, namely, the end of life. It is a painful experience for sure and if you are not a very emotionally strong person taking over Free Farm is definitely not recommended. When you care for hundreds of animals death is not such a rare thing.


But it hurts like hell.