It was and still is my pleasure to share with you the wonderful environment of living here on Free Farm and in the pleasurable town of Smiths Falls. I really do enjoy sharing and feel that it is a win win situation with prospective applicants, to give them a taste of what life would be like for them.

However, due to the tidal wave of a workload along the lines of nothing I have experienced, unleashed with my ad going viral and all, I am now at a near breaking point even with the blogging. I simply have to take a break for a while.

At this exact time, wading into an unrealistic workload, a challenge was suddenly dropped on my doorstop. A nearby neighbor was institutionalized and all of the person’s gazillion animals were left behind. Calls were made to the authorities to remove these animals and their fate was to say the least precarious. I have known of this situation since I first arrived and have helped out over the years as I could, re homing endless cats in particular.

Now this sudden situation. The animals were turned over legally to my care. I am keeping the cats afloat by myself but am desperately seeking out permanent homes and/or foster homes for these mostly vibrant and healthy and friendly cats.

As well, there are three kittens which I am now hand feeding in all of my spare time. If someone out there has experience with kittens that are on a guesstimate six weeks old, please contact me asap at 613-284-1672.

This seemingly insane activity is who I really am and the kind of person or persons I am looking for, people who care, a lot however inconvenient it is in their lives.