I am asked, almost on a daily basis, “Have you found a candidate yet?”


Forget the numbers, which on estimate amount to over 17,000 proposals, some with detailed life histories.


Forget the fact that it can take me as long as an hour to truly digest a thirty page letter, one to two hours interviewing on the telephone, and perhaps a half a day to meet face to face here on Free Farm.


Forget the fact that the federal government’s National Capital Commission program can take up to TWO YEARS TO CLEAR ONE APPLICANT to rent out their farms on the Green Belt.


But please remember, here I am, a mere SINGLE OVERWORKED INDIVIDUAL, toiling away full time at Free Farm and slipping in a read of a few dozen letters a day, possibly calling up potential candidates.


Now I have established a TIME TABLE. Enough is enough.


By the end of this month, May, 2017, I will have whittled the pile down to a mere 1,500 potential candidates.


By mid June, that will drop to five hundred applicants and a week later, to three dozen.


On July 1, Canada’s national birthday, I will unleash the details of the newly chosen couple.


I can’t wait to find out who won. With an estimated ten to twenty million hits on the social media across the world this is the contest of all contests. Was the winning candidate(s) a Canadian, European, Russian or what? What are their plans? This is after all, our 150th anniversary birthday bash. Stay tuned.