The road to success is long and winding. I am learning the hard way that it takes a lot longer than what I imagined. But what the hell, as they say, good things come to those who wait.

I am learning just how ambitious and difficult it is to achieve a plan to move on and leave Free Farm Animal Home, where “People and Animals Matter” to another party to flourish.

You can gather now, if you have followed this rather dramatic saga, that the opening is still available for that special genuine community orientated family.

I have heard it all. Those who merely want to own the property and sense that if they put in a good impression, tell me everything they think I will want to hear, spend some time working on the farm, that I will somehow cave in and change my stated written objectives and rather than offer free rent, actually sign over the house in short order. Not everyone mind you. However, those who do are sometimes very convincing. People will say just about anything to own what appears to be a dream like property. Some respondents, at least five, have actually put in a lot of hours on this farm, devoting serious physical labor, truly making it better in terms of cleaning up a mess and instigating a better routine that saves money. But I have yet to find that special family who genuinely wants to use this facility to make a difference to society at large and the animals that are here without actually being handed the deed. I am learning of this new challenge which is of course is based on faith and trust that should they flourish in this setup and responsibly fulfill its mandate which will demand commitment, that they can continue to live here forever type of thing. I will not be here physically, nor do I plan to resume what for me is unsustainable as an individual by returning. But, to put it on my home page for all to see, there would be no system of checks and balances for this project if I merely handed a family the keys and transferred the title, now would there?

There is no perfect candidate of course. People bring different skills and a variety of ideas how to achieve the stated objectives. In the end, of course, I have to feel confident they can make good on their promise and sustain their initial enthusiasm in a way that not only benefits others and the animals, but their own wellbeing as well, needless to say. I’ve been there and done that and it is safe to say even with two people it is a long and ceaseless grind to keep things in order and work towards a necessary goal of self sustainability . For me, as an individual, it has simply been to overwhelming, both physically and financially, which is why I have been trying to find a committed party that has a realistic chance of taking over for the long run.

My initial written ideas have been somewhat altered as my ad went viral. I have added the component of looking for competent people who share the same vision I have, namely to engage in assisting people in need and at the same time showing compassionate care towards the vast number of animals that live here. To do so the new steward must have rural, farming life skills with proven experience. This is not a good idea for someone who has never been in this environment. It would be to overwhelming to say the least.

The newcomers must show that they are prepared to be responsible in the sense that it is a requirement that their very presence, someone, must be on call around the animals at all times. The lives of countless creatures is to be taken seriously. There is no room for casual engagement here. Again, the new family is potentially taking on a very serious commitment in which the lives of many animals are at stake. It is likely there will be little room for attending your long lost Aunt’s birthday party.

As well, it has to be clear that somehow, either through a nest egg or an existing job, that someone in that family can afford to live here and pay the running and overall house maintenance costs of a property that was built in 1830. Yes, it is in sound shape thanks to previous tenants, but stone houses have certain demands on them. Just as one of an endless example is vital that a house built out of stone obviously needs to be heated throughout the winter or the structure of the house suffers and requires costly repair.

If you are (a) crazy about animals but realistically have little financial means to achieve keeping them in a safe environment, and (b) want to engage yourself in community work and (c) appreciate an opportunity of living this life without a mortgage or rent to worry about and the elimination of the added worry about the costly animal feed or vet bills, this opportunity might be your cup of tea.

Likely, it will require all of your attention for a trial run of one to two months to learn the ins and outs of running this facility and caring for many different kinds of animals. It will also require at least two members of the family to have a useable drivers license and a clean driving record. Finally, without any exception, if you love to smoke and drink, perhaps this flammable environment is not your forte.

If you fit the bill in each of these key points by all means feel free to contact me!

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