Evolving Ideas About the Free Farm Animal Home




I notice more and more serious questions have been sent to me more than once so this small blog will further address those concerns.


First of all, it should be clear by now that this is a project or a mission to serve a community need, namely, establishing and sustaining a full fledged animal shelter for animals that cannot be adopted as well as a sanctuary for farm and domestic animals that can be placed in loving homes where their true worth is recognized.


The project is at the IDEAS STAGE in the sense that there is no structure in place. Everything so far, with these overcapacity number of animals I have chosen to care for, has been done by one person, myself. It is evident that the mission statement of mine to establish a successful shelter cannot be met by a lone individual. As such, my campaign is to find a small number of people, a couple for example, who appreciate the worth of this kind of project. And for me to move on, assisting in the project for sure but allowing more capable people to take over. Sure, it helps that I am committed to funding the vet and animal food bills, and that there is a large property bought and paid for which is on the table. But this in itself does not guarantee success. I need to find a serious applicant which understands the long range challenge of fulfilling such a mission and it will unquestionably depend on the people skills of this applicant and the ability to make hard decisions to take this idea forward.


The campaign initially invited ideas as to how to make good use of this property. I heard everything from some young girl in Pembroke, Ontario wanting to establish a private university to someone wanting to grow peaches and sell them on the roadside to make ends meet. As the campaign evolved, and I got sidetracked by one clever couple who deceived me for two full months, I reworded the ad to make it clear that at this point it would only be turned over for use to a party that would launch an animal shelter for a variety of animals (as opposed to say, only dogs or only cats).


There have been many questions regarding the finances of being able to live here. I have asked that whoever comes will pay their own basic operating costs of feeding themselves, heating and electrical bills and a few others, an overall relatively modest living expense for sure in comparison to a family who is covering their mortgaged house in a large city. The real costs are the feed and vet bills for the animals which the winning couple will not be responsible for. Furthermore, it is conceivable with a “not for profit” status that a salary can be garnished by the winning candidate who will be putting in the long hours, provided the fundraising is successful. The ideal candidate I hope will have the kinds of skills to live in a rural setting, to shovel snow, to fix fences, basic framing skills as opposed to someone who has to farm out every job.


Some applicants are concerned that their sweat equity in itself does not give them any protection on staying on and continuing in this project. They worry I will return and take over. For the qualified applicant such protection will be spelled out to alleviate any concerns in that regard.


It was not necessarily a good thing that I placed my ad in a general online message board, nor was it a good thing that it went viral. Sure, the numbers of applicants were impressive at first but the people who have applied appear to have been swept away by some illusion that this was all about a free land grab, a tranquil country setting– all for FREE, even though the ad did not say that. Nonetheless, for this wave of interested parties, this is what the lure has been. Not about the service to animals.


Now, in a more reflective manner the message is being carefully laid out so that there is no chance for confusion.


If you have read the last three blogs, understand a little bit about where I am coming from and what it is I want to accomplish, then by all means contact me.

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