Let’s be honest. There are so many readers who have followed my campaign with dismay, ‘Doubting Thomases’ who feel I am as naïve, as green as they come, chasing some utopian pie in the sky dream and am unquestionably destined to nothing less than what I deserve: FAILURE.


I hate to disappoint these self-serving negative types to even suggest that there are genuinely caring people in the world, however, there are.


Right now there are two wonderful single parents toiling away on my property, backed by a large team of other women who will make a serious go of becoming caretakers to the Free Farm Animal Home.


These women, who have sacrificed their lives to raising children in a positive way in a society, which marginalizes everyone equally, are on board and I will no longer be reading proposals. I am moving on with a warm and fuzzy feeling.


It is somewhat of a mystery to some Canadians that I am fleeing this great country of ours when so many people would do anything to come here.




What I have learned about being a typical Canadian is not exactly a positive finding. I should have known better about what makes typical citizens tick, especially around all the hot air floating around the Ottawa region. It is more of an idea of ASK NOT WHAT YOU CAN GIVE TO SOCIETY, rather, ASK WHAT SOCIETY WILL GIVE TO ME. FOR FREE.


Years ago, I was hired by the legendary ship builder, Jack Leitch, head of Upper Lakes Shipping. Leitch hired me to do a cross Canada investigation of what hidden subsidies his fellow competitors were garnishing. He promised me, and broke his word, that with every follow up cash grab from the various levels of government that I uncovered his competitors were getting, he would give me one percent of the grants he would in turn receive from various governments who had covered up political grants to his competitors. What I found would have then made me an instant millionaire because I uncovered endless hidden subsidies. The system was all about hidden political subsidies, under the table handouts. The Great Canadian Cash Grab Give Away.


Not much has changed since I worked for Leitch.


While I was a freelance journalist years later, working on a profile of Canada’s armed forces for Canadian Business Magazine, I learned more of the same. During the research phase I interviewed the Commander of Canada’s armed forces, General Jean Jacques Paradis in his Ottawa headquarters office. I started my interview with a probing question:


“General Paradis, there appears to be a lot of disgruntled companies who feel that nepotism runs the show in terms of military contract procurements.”


The general began to laugh and offered me this insightful quip: “Stephen, my friend, the only people who complain about this are those who are not on the receiving end.”


This dear reader hits at the soul of what I have learned on this viral campaign ride of mine. It’s all about how to bilk the system and get your share. We live in a very self-serving society. The various levels of government satisfy dissidents by offering them an endless array of government grants, most of which are bogus good will projects. A lot of this obvious waste was transparent with our 150th anniversary bash.


It wasn’t always like this, mind you. There was a time in history when institutions truly cared about a great nation, about family values, about caring for its citizens as opposed to marginalizing them with free cash grab incentives. But that era has long since gone and the letters to Free Farm really drove home that reality for me. The letters that arrived made it appear I was in a position to give away a valuable commodity ABSOLULTELY FOR FREE, if they took the time to write a proposal.


Take last week. This silver haired woman breezed into my life, well dressed and driving a fancy car, luring me in with the idea that she was the saviour of marginalized women over 55, some homeless, others just plain broke and single, who could not afford to buy a home. Her campaign on her non-profit corporation was to put an end to that. Why, she would buy up large houses right here in Smiths Falls as she had in Hamilton, and renovate them, turn them into five units each and help deserving women form a community of caring proud home owners and as well give them a purpose in life to volunteer to run Free Farm. Her idea, presented in all of one hour over a coffee break from her whirlwind real estate tour without actually seeing my property, incorporated a further three women to live in the stone house of mine. But to achieve this I would of course have to transfer the legal  ownership of my farm to her group,  in effect give it away to them for free, IMMEDIATELY, that is if I wanted her “help”.Take it or leave it, she told me.


How do you spell STUPID? I wondered. Well, I played this up by asking her for audited financial statements of her corporation. These mysteriously did not arrive. Then I arranged for some of the women I have since chosen to run my would be animal sanctuary to respond to this lady’s brochure, to see what sort of compassion she had for women in that category. The answer as you likely guessed was NONE. They might be considered to move in and clean up if they paid a rent and would then be expected to move on once her people arrived. After five minutes of conversation she hung up on the women I had asked to apply, and emailed me to say those applicants were overly strong willed for consideration.


I mention this candidate just in passing as I plan a kiss and tell book of all the scammers who have applied here at Free Farm, for a future more in depth book. Her application is simply typical of the self-serving applicants who have turned up.


My take on the last six months? Canada is a nation of human parasites who view every opportunity as a potential cash grab, and believe there is no such thing as a nation of caring individuals. Only appearances. One can’t blame this backward thinking when our religious leaders are exposed as sexual perverts, when government leaders end up being jailed, when the leader of the wrongly perceived most powerful nation in the world is a real life narcissistic, fascist nut case, can we? We are living in muddled times and frankly, I feel I will be as comfortable in Hokkaido, Japan, even more comfortable than in eastern Ontario, even though this is the exact spot that a nuclear mishap may erupt from a short of the target fallen North Korean missile.


This is why I will not miss Canada.






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