This wonderful afternoon I feel the sunshine blowing up my ass.


Yesterday there were issues and as I blogged, my life was pretty much up. No more Pea Soup for Stephen Overbury. No more handwritten letters. What else can one do but laugh it off, make myself a home made bun with fresh duck eggs and locally produced cheese. With a cup of instant Tasters Choice black coffee, served at 3AM in my driveway overlooking the cows chewing their cud, puffing away at a Century Sam, weather at minus ten be damned. Life, she is beautiful, no?


Today I took my customary walk with the dogs along the Rideau Canal and then it hit me. The architect of this marvel, which would eventually be recognized as a world famous UNESCO Heritage site, Lieutenant Colonel John By, found himself unwanted by the powers that be in Mother England for having spent too much time and too much money, building the elaborate system of locks.


If Col. By could have a bad day, so could I. Along my ritual walk this sunny day, I encountered my good friend and farmer, George,  who offered me a bushel of carrots, picked minutes earlier. I was as happy as a dog with a bone. I planned to bring those mouth watering carrots home and cook them with my last can of Pea Soup.


You see, after living through the humiliation of being unceremoniously thrown out of that important drug haven, Shoppers Drug Mart, I returned home to discover I couldn’t find my can opener! Even an old rant like me deserves a break, the last rites of a bowl of Pea Soup. But life was not kind.

Laugh it off I told myself.


Then the phone rang this afternoon. It was the acting manager at Shoppers.


“Mister Overbury. We’re so sorry. We mistook you for someone else, someone who was violent to the cashier you were served by who tried to steal product from us. We have reviewed our security footage and realize we made a big mistake.”


Well, I guess I won’t have to search for another pharmacy to buy drugs anymore. But I will have to clean up my disheveled appearance that is the byproduct of never slowing down in this animal home!

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