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This is a for men’s only support group which aims to allow anyone who suffers from chronic pain to walk into the life of Free Farm Animal Home “Where People and Animals Matter” , surrounded by nature and an array of domestic and farm animals, and engage in an atmosphere where they are accepted to be free to be themselves, without fear of criticism or being judged in any way shape or form. The goal is to provide a safe haven to converse for like minded men who are facing chronic pain and have found that the medical establishment has not moved them into the realm of feeling good about themselves.

The double dipping link between the medical and pharmaceutical worlds has been known for a long time. But recently, the incredible seemingly endless supply of “pill remedies” has gotten totally out of hand, so much so various levels of government are attempting to legislate full financial disclosure of doctors who receive gifts or shares of companies that manufacture so called cures for chronic illnesses.

We are launching this group for men in particular as society is particularly brutal on men who suffer from pain while there are a wide variety of programs for women who are perceived as less than invincible as men are.

Here at Free Farm Animal Home, you will learn the lost healing art of light conversation and the warmth of a group of like minded individuals who welcome your presence whether or not you are in great pain.

There are no expectations, no hard and fast rules, the coffee and donuts are FREE just as is the openness of our lavish animal loving facility.

We welcome all men who suffer from any kind of chronic pain, from mental anguish to physical disabilities to join us for weekly support groups where you will find yourself as a valuable asset to a community of like minded people,. In other words, YOU matter and you will be in a caring environment which is conducive to connecting and belonging to a group of men who are going through similar circumstances.

Registration is not required. Kindly dial 613-284-1672 for announcements on when the next session is.

We note the following, that this service is not intended to replace any ongoing medical assistance that you may be engaged in, rather as a supplementary source of comfort.