His official home page banner is a summary of his life, STEPHEN OVERBURY UNLEASHED: CONTENT SO FRESH YOU COULD SLAP HIM!, is a glimpse into his engaging mind.

He has been referred to as a piece of meat with two eyes, a demented rant on steroids, brutally honest but make no mistake about it, Stephen Overbury is a colorful and provocative raconteur and public speaker  of the tallest order.

A graduate of two degrees from the University of Toronto which landed him in a teaching position in Britain’s oldest colony, Bermuda, where he was swiftly deported on suspicion of instigating a riot,  the owner of a nationally publicized private investigation agency known as Sherlock Holmes Canada where he specialized in finding missing people, an author of the Canadian best seller How To Find Information about Anyone and Anything Whether It’s Any of Your Business Or Not (in print for twenty five years  through the world’s largest publisher, McGraw Hill), he also ran a seminar business training Fortune Five Hundred Company executives for several years in competitive Intelligence (in reality in the art of espionage legally speaking of course), the director of the world’s smallest but most important museum about Canada’s most famous resident, Dr. James Naismith, known through a google search as the “Naismith Collection”, a staff researcher for CBC and CTV national consumer affairs television programs and a close personal friend and locator of rare vintage fountain pens around the world in which he is considered an authority for the late Lord Thomson of Fleet, and currently the target of an estimated FIFTY MILLION VIRAL HITS around the world which was recently launched  over a simple  typically Canadian humble  Kijiji ad of giving up his personal animal rescue historical  farm.

He relies on ebay for the sale of his numerous books.  He lives alone with his pet rat, Fred, his 1,000 pound wild boar. Wilbur, his small rooster Alarm Clock and some 200 lovable creatures both large and small with never a dull  moment in what he refers to as a piece of heaven, the friendly inviting Eastern Ontario town of  Smiths  Falls.