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I am still behind the eight ball in terms of organizing and infrastructure projects and day to day help. Part of the motivation behind finding someone to take over is the obvious fact that one person can only do so much, which is why an ideal applicant would be a family or a group of people. Running a dream like project such as the one I am part of  is not just about acquiring animals and feeding them. There are a lot of other necessary work projects, each of which is very important.

Among the needs are:

-a gardener

-someone with a tractor who can assist in the cleanup of the yards

-someone who can build  outdoor enclosures for the ducks and chickens to allow them greater freedom without fear of predators ruining their day

-someone who can build  cedar fences  as I have a lot of cedar rails

-someone with a truck who can remove and dispose of endless clutter which no longer serves any purpose (furniture, blankets that are soiled, and miss. items)

– someone who can build more outdoor fencing for the lambs

– a reliable driver who can make daily ongoing trips to the various supermarkets who assist me in providing scraps which supplement the feed for the animals

– Cleaning barns by removing soil, hay, and bedding, using a pitchfork and wheelbarrow. A very physically demanding job.

Each of these timely and potentially expensive areas matter a lot. In order to sustain the situation at hand these areas need to be addressed whether or not we are able in the short run to find a replacement family. With this unexpected viral attention and endless letters to answer, we find fewer and fewer and opportunities to sleep at night.

Please write us a letter to the address found on the home page to reach us.